Review really is a great site with a ton of useful articles to improve your standard of living. It’s a superb mix of career tips for students looking to find jobs in the workforce, for seasoned professionals trying to climb the corporate ladder, and for entrepreneurs going out on their own.

It is obvious that John Anthony and Jane May know what they are talking about when writing these articles. They are focused and deliver the message they are trying to convey quickly and in a manner that can be easily understood by the reader. I can relate to many of the articles such as The Easiest Interview Question Can Be The Most Challenging since my wife is a Human Resource Generalist and conducts numerous interviews. I have also started two unsuccessful internet companies and had to ask the exact questions that are listed in Start Your Own Business In 9 Steps Part 1. My failing was always around the sales and marketing of the companies.

Offering the advice does would not be nearly as effective if the site didn’t look as professional as it does. The shades of blue and clean lines of the site really make me take the information being provided to heart. I feel as though I have a professional advisor here whenever I need it. And given that John and Jane do respond to emailers that need advice, I guess I do!

Review Career Ramblings For A Backlink was my pleasure.

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