Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball – The greatest weekend outdoor game

For anyone that has not played bocce ball they should try it when they get the chance. Anyone can play, young or old, which makes it a great family and get-together-game. It can be played virtually anywhere on any terrain. You will be limited only by your imagination.

The Set:
A bocce ball set includes 8 bocce balls and 1 pallino. In some sets there will also be a type of measuring device. Depending on the set, bocce balls will have 4 different colours and 2 balls per colour. Other sets will only have 2 colours, but will have 2 types of markings (circles and squares) within a colour. The pallino will always be white.

Object of the Game:
To get your bocce balls closest to the pallino.

Number of Players:
2 teams consisting of 1 or 2 players each

General Rules for Recreational Players:
Flip a coin to see which team gets to throw the pallino first. The team that throws the pillion will throw the first bocce ball. That team will be considered closest to the pallino, since no other balls have been thrown, and the next team will attempt to throw one of their bocce balls closer then their opponent. If that team is closest to the pallino then play goes back to the first team and shots will continue to alternate in this manner. If the second team’s first throw is not closer to the pallino then the second team will continue to throw until they are closer or run out of balls.

Once all the balls have been thrown the team closest to the pallino receives one point for every ball that is closer then the closest opponents ball

Winning the Game:
The first team to reach 12 points is the winner.

The Court:
For those that want to take this a little more seriously and have the time and means to create a court here are the dimensions.

Bocce Ball Court

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