Almost There

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve provided a new post. All the items I mentioned in my last post Unfinished Business are now complete.

Back in Oct 2010 I was having trouble keeping pressure in my water line from the lake. I had the gash in the water line fixed and after a few weekends of getting all the air pushed out of the line it finally primed. […]

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Insulation and What to do with the Walls

It took much longer then I thought it would but, the insulation and vapour barrier is now finished and inspected. I decided to use Roxul rock wool insulation for a number of reasons. The rock wool is fire retardant, it doesn’t collapse on itself over time like the pink stuff does leaving parts of uninsulated walls, […]

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Inspections Passed!‏

Last Thursday was a big day for me. I had the building inspector in to take a look at the framing and I had the plumbing inspector in to take a look at the drainage and vent system. The plumbing inspector was in and out very quickly. He’s having me change how the shower drains are positioned, […]

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Plumbing, Electrical, Framing, Oh My!

2009 is long gone and the cottage still isn’t ready, but there has been some progress since the last update. The rough-in electrical inspection went very well. The inspector was in and out in no time and had only a handful of items he would like to see changed. I’ve made those changes, […]

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Building a Cottage: Slowly But Surely

It’s been a pretty good year for the cottage so far even if it is cold and rainy every weekend.  There has been progress, particularly on the outside as you can see from the picture.  We decided to add two more windows to the lake side of the cottage for a few reasons. […]

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Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC)

Here’s some good news from the federal government with respect to their proposed budget.  They are proposing a temporary renovation tax credit for 2009.  Now this might not affect a lot of people, but for folks like myself that intended on spending money on building materials or services this is a nice little perk. […]

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Cottage Building Costs‏

There have been some requests lately from readers that would like to follow the same steps I did in building a cottage and they are looking for costs to put a budget together.  I know where they are coming from because before I started all this I couldn’t find any costs or quotes or even a task list of things I would need to pay for. […]

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Stages of Building a Cottage – Framing

So the Foundation was finished and the next step was to get some quotes from framing contractors.  They ranged anywhere from $48,000 to $8500 and this was just for the labour since I had all the materials from the cottage kit I purchased from Home Hardware.  I think some of these local contractors think “here’s a big rich city guy building his summer home, […]

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Stages of Building a Cottage – Foundation

It has been a while since the last article and a lot has changed since then.  In my previous article Construction Begins we had just cut down the trees to clear space for the cottage.  That alone was a huge visual change after looking at the densely treed lot for more then a year.  […]

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Construction Begins!

In the last posting It’s Alive! I mentioned that we got our entry permit and pre approval of the building drawings so we went about finding someone to clear the lot of the trees while we waited for the drawings to be finalized.  I had to wait a few weeks for our heating drawings to be completed and the trees were cleared just last week. […]

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