Plumbing, Electrical, Framing, Oh My!

2009 is long gone and the cottage still isn’t ready, but there has been some progress since the last update. The rough-in electrical inspection went very well. The inspector was in and out in no time and had only a handful of items he would like to see changed. I’ve made those changes, but I still have a few more things to wire, like the water heater, the water pump, and an outdoor motion detector light. Once that is done, hopefully by the end of February, I’ll get the inspector back in for the final inspection.

I’ve managed to dry fit all the drainage pipes. It really isn’t a lot of piping, but the planning involved for a plumbing project is much more detailed then I had expected. There was a lot of cutting and re-cutting and drilling and re-drilling before I got it to the state it is in now. About 2/3’s of it is glued together and I should be able to finish it up this weekend. I’ll get the plumbing inspector in to take a look at it and hopefully it’s up to par.

I had started insulating the upstairs bedrooms and attic when I found out that the framing needs to be inspected by the building inspector before the insulation is installed. I thought the insulation and vapour barrier needed to be in before the next inspection. Anyway I popped in the inspector’s office just to clarify. He told be to stop insulating and give him a call when the plumbing and heating ducts were in since those jobs typically tear up the framing.

I hired a heating contractor to come in and install a furnace. That was completed over the holidays and the propane was hooked up. So now I have heat, but because I can’t insulate the heat goes through the roof.

The plan now is to finish gluing the drainage pipes together, purchase an electric water heater and finish the wiring. Then I’ll schedule the plumbing inspector, the electrical inspector, and the building inspector to come and check everything out. If it’s all good I’ll finish insulating and put the vapour barrier up and then I’ll be able to turn the heat on.

Next step is to install all the incoming water lines.

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