Unfinished Business

I haven’t provided an update lately because I have a number of tasks on the go and none of them have been completed. But to let you know I met with the electrical inspector and he passed the final inspection so that is out of the way. I’ve finished clear coating all the pine walls and have painted the bathroom…I hate painting. […]

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Knotty Pine Walls – What a Difference!

What a difference! Most of the knotty pine is up on the walls with only the stairwell to go. The rooms seem bigger and brighter to me and I’m very happy with the work. The mill where I got the wood often has Spruce and Pine mixed together so the contractor separated the Spruce and used it all in one bedroom. […]

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Dock Building and Continued Progress

The dock is in and we keep rolling on!

We went to the Cottage Life Spring Cottage show and visited a number of dock vendors before finally picking Rideau Docks. They appeared to be a smaller company (family run) then many of the other vendors, but their prices were good and I liked dealing with the people there compared to some of the other vendors. […]

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Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC)

Here’s some good news from the federal government with respect to their proposed budget.  They are proposing a temporary renovation tax credit for 2009.  Now this might not affect a lot of people, but for folks like myself that intended on spending money on building materials or services this is a nice little perk. […]

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Second Harvest – Turkey Dinner For Christmas

Second Harvest, Christmas Food, Christmas Dinner

Christmas isn’t far away now and I’m sure a lot of you are making plans for Christmas dinner.  This year you might want to help provide some food for those that can’t afford a turkey dinner.  Second Harvest is an organization that helps feed hungry people by picking up and preparing excess fresh food and delivering it daily to social service agencies in Toronto. […]

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One World, One Brewer

There has been a lot of talk about the beer industry lately in Ontario.  The Toronto Star News paper did a 3 part story on the Beer Store, which opened a lot of people’s eyes to how we, as Ontarian’s, have simply accepted whatever the government tells us.  For those that don’t know about alcohol sales in Ontario let me give you some background.  […]

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Keggerator – Your Keg Beer Fridge At Home

Making a keggerator or keg fridge at home is rather simple as long as you have a spare fridge to play with. There are a number of people selling fridges in classified ads and at garage sales for $40 or $50 so look there first.

I purchased a keg fridge kit off of a seller on eBay. […]

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Cheap Hotels

It’s getting into the dog days of the winter here in Ontario. It’s dark and cold when I get up to go to work and it’s dark and cold when I leave work to go home. During the day I look out my window and it is grey and dreary. […]

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Niagara Wine Route

Niagara Wine Route – Grimsby & Beamsville

A day trip that my wife and I take a few times each year is a tour of the Niagara Wine Route. The Niagara region of Ontario produces some of the best wines from Canada and I am lucky enough to be only minutes from these vineyards. […]

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How To Save Almost $8 On A Case Of Heineken

The 5L Heineken keg that has been recently advertised caught my eye and I was thinking of picking it up. It’s $35 CAD which isn’t unreasonable, but I thought I would compare it to the .5L tallboy cans that I often pick up from the local LCBO. Each tallboy costs $2.35 therefore 5L of Heineken from the tallboy cans is $23.50 or $11.50 cheaper then the keg. […]

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