How To Save Almost $8 On A Case Of Heineken

The 5L Heineken keg that has been recently advertised caught my eye and I was thinking of picking it up. It’s $35 CAD which isn’t unreasonable, but I thought I would compare it to the .5L tallboy cans that I often pick up from the local LCBO. Each tallboy costs $2.35 therefore 5L of Heineken from the tallboy cans is $23.50 or $11.50 cheaper then the keg.

Packaging and marketability obviously plays a part in the price difference. But then I got to wondering if there is a price difference between 24 bottles of Heineken and the tallboy cans. 24 bottles of Heineken costs $45 CAD and is roughly 7.9L. To purchase the equal amount in tallboys you would have to buy 16 cans. At $2.35 the equivalent of a two-four equals $37.60 when buying tallboys. That’s a savings of $7.40!

Think about this, most beer companies advertise a $4 savings on 24 beers during the summer on a long weekend in Canada. This is almost twice the savings for a premium beer!

So during the holiday season when we have spent way too much money consider going to the LCBO and pick up some fantastic beer from around the world and keep some of that hard earned cash in your pocket.

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