Unfinished Business

I haven’t provided an update lately because I have a number of tasks on the go and none of them have been completed. But to let you know I met with the electrical inspector and he passed the final inspection so that is out of the way. I’ve finished clear coating all the pine walls and have painted the bathroom…I hate painting. I had some friends come up to give me a hand with the flooring. It’s 12.3mm black walnut laminate and it looks pretty good if I do say so myself. We’ve floored one of the bedrooms upstairs, all of the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and front hall. I still have the main level bedroom and the master bedroom to finish the flooring.

This past weekend I installed the base kitchen cabinets, but still have the upper cabinets over the stove and set of drawers. The kitchen counter top was measured incorrectly and was too long. I unscrewed the backsplash cut about 3/4 of an inch off and then sanded it smooth with a belt sander. I screwed the backsplash back in and it turned out better then I thought it would. Once that was done I marked where the kitchen sink needed to be and cut a hole with the jigsaw for the sink. That turned out well as well so everything is good from the sink perspective. I have to pick up a couple of parts to connect the drainage plumbing, but that should be relatively simple.

In the bathroom I’ve installed the vanity cabinet and sink and the toilet. I’m working on the corner shower kit now. The instructions are terrible and I’ve been fighting with it quite a bit, but I’m on the right track now and should have that finished shortly.

I’ve been having trouble with the water pump keeping pressure and found that I had a big gash in the line from the lake. I got that repaired and I’m going to have a plumber come in and get the line primed. The way I’ve got my line setup isn’t conducive to priming so I thought I would pay a professional to get it done. I don’t have the tools or experience to do it easily.

Some things I found out:

Cinderblocks used to hold water lines down can wear away the line and cut it. It’s better to take two bricks with holes in them and some wire connecting the bricks to lay over the line. You won’t have to worry about wearing a hole in your line and it is much easier to move the water line then with cinderblocks.

Shower kits that come with a no caulk drain that just has a rubber gasket and no tightening device are not code and will leak. Get the glue in shower drain or one that has a tightening mechanism.

Kitchen sink drainage pipes can have an offset output or a centred output. The plumbing book from home depot says that it isn’t code to have a centred output in Canada, but it is wrong.

Finding a satellite signal isn’t easy.

By early November the kitchen and bathroom will be installed and I’ll work on the flooring, doors, and trim over the winter. Next summer will actually be spent out doors doing some landscaping and just having fun. I look forward to it!

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