Telescoping Campfire Fork

If you are planning on having a campfire this year and have a tradition of roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, like we do, then you will want to get at least one of these Telescoping Forks.

The fork extends from 12” to 34” giving you more then enough clearance from the fire so that your hands don’t get burnt. The fork is far better then finding a stick in the woods since it is usually difficult to find the ideal “roasting stick”. If you are concerned about bacteria you know that the fork is clean.


You’ll probably want to buy at least two of these if you will be with a group of people. Once I pull this fork out everyone wants to scrap their sticks and use my fork!

Make sure you let people know that the fork is not to be used as a fire poker. There have been many times that someone moves logs around in the fire with the fork and I end up with ash on my marshmallows.

When I’m at a campfire with this fork I like to make Hotdog Spiders. Find out how to make them in the recipe section.

Telescoping Campfire Fork

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