Hiking Stick

Aluminum Hiking Stick

This light weight aluminum hiking stick extends from 28” to 57” and locks in place. The wrist strap has a thermometer and compass. The rubber tip is removable to expose a carbide tip which is great for slippery conditions.

Removing the knob on top reveals a camera mount which is excellent for taking steady wild life photos. […]

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Telescoping Campfire Fork

If you are planning on having a campfire this year and have a tradition of roasting marshmallows or hot dogs, like we do, then you will want to get at least one of these Telescoping Forks.

The fork extends from 12” to 34” giving you more then enough clearance from the fire so that your hands don’t get burnt. […]

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Bug Vacuum – Get Rid of Bugs

Bug Vaccum - Keep Your Distance Bug Vacuum

One of the main reasons why I want a cottage is so that my family can get together there and enjoy swimming, fishing, playing, and eating. However my mother is not much of an outdoors type of person. Even though cottages have all the amenities of an urban home it tends to have more bugs then in the city and my Mom hates bugs. […]

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Heated Pants for Tailgaiting

Heated Pants for Tailgaiting, Tale Gate Parties

I went to my first NFL football game a couple of weeks ago in Buffalo. We went to see the Bills “squish the fish” and I had a great time. As we were tailgating the temperature consistently dropped until freezing rain and then snow started falling. It was actually the perfect atmosphere for a football game in Buffalo. […]

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Unlock Your Car Radio For Only $2.49

Today is one of the happiest days of my life because I was able to listen to the radio in my car for the first time in a year. I have a 1999 Saturn SC2 that I bought used 5 years ago. Everything has been great with my Saturn up until a year ago when I had to replace my battery. […]

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Sony MPK-THD Marine Pack

The Sony MPK-THD Marine Pack

November is the time I usually go on vacation to the Caribbean. Prices are relatively cheap compared to the rest of the year and it’s a nice way to extend the summer as November brings dark days, cold winds, rain and snow. As I’ve mentioned one of my favourite places to go in the Caribbean is Punta Cana of the Dominican Republic. […]

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What Does It Feel Like To Get Shot?

Third Space Vest (What it’s like to get shot)

I saw the inventor promoting this product on TV the other day and had to share this with everyone. It’s called the 3rd Space Vest. The technology was originally developed to virtually treat inmates at a prison in Texas. Now it is used so that gamers playing first person shooting games actually feel the bullets hitting them. […]

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Robot Guitar from Gibson

Gibson has created a robot guitar! It’s absolutely amazing for anyone that plays guitar. All instruments go out of tune do to use, wear, temperature, any number of factors and it takes a bit of time to retune them. Due to the time and frustration of getting the proper pitch many guitar players in bands have multiple guitars tuned in different keys for different songs. […]

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LED Lights

Headlights are led lights that can be worn on your head using adjustable bands. The advantage of a headlight over a flashlight or lantern is that it leaves you hands free for carrying other items and the light is always shining in the direction you are looking. Originally headlights were used for camping and have been available here in Canada within the last 5 years. […]

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Delorme Earthmate GPS

Delorme Earthmate GPS (LT-20)You’ve planned a weekend getaway at a cottage, or resort, or you are just going on a road trip. How are you going to figure out how to get there? Follow a map? Too old school and the map may be out dated. Today’s traveler uses GPS to find out where they are and where they are going. […]

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