What Does It Feel Like To Get Shot?

Third Space Vest (What it’s like to get shot)

I saw the inventor promoting this product on TV the other day and had to share this with everyone. It’s called the 3rd Space Vest. The technology was originally developed to virtually treat inmates at a prison in Texas. Now it is used so that gamers playing first person shooting games actually feel the bullets hitting them. TN Games have developed a Doom style first person shooter for the PC called 3rd Space Incursion. I’m not sure if the vest is wireless or not, but when you play Incursion on your PC and you are shot, blowup, or hit, the vest’s air pockets quickly expand so that you actually feel the hit! This is an incredible piece of technology that brings gaming one step closer to reality.

Unfortunately right now the vest only works on the PC and I believe only with 3rd Space Incursion. I’m sure this won’t be overlooked by Microsoft and Sony. Just imagine playing Halo 3 with this vest on! It would be amazing.

For more details and pricing go to www.tngames.com

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