Unlock Your Car Radio For Only $2.49

Today is one of the happiest days of my life because I was able to listen to the radio in my car for the first time in a year. I have a 1999 Saturn SC2 that I bought used 5 years ago. Everything has been great with my Saturn up until a year ago when I had to replace my battery. […]

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Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End

Weekend Movie Review

Last time we saw the swashbucklers they had enlisted the help of Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) and Tia Dalma to bring Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) back from Davy Jones’ locker. To do this Barbossa has to navigate the crew to the end of the world. […]

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What Does It Feel Like To Get Shot?

Third Space Vest (What it’s like to get shot)

I saw the inventor promoting this product on TV the other day and had to share this with everyone. It’s called the 3rd Space Vest. The technology was originally developed to virtually treat inmates at a prison in Texas. Now it is used so that gamers playing first person shooting games actually feel the bullets hitting them. […]

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Robot Guitar from Gibson

Gibson has created a robot guitar! It’s absolutely amazing for anyone that plays guitar. All instruments go out of tune do to use, wear, temperature, any number of factors and it takes a bit of time to retune them. Due to the time and frustration of getting the proper pitch many guitar players in bands have multiple guitars tuned in different keys for different songs. […]

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The Simple Game of Darts


Another gift that I got from my birthday yesterday was a dartboard in a case. I’ve always enjoyed sports/games of accuracy and anything that you can play while holding a beer is a game for me! As frustrating as it was to get the case mounted on the wall it was well worth the effort. […]

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Otter Tail Paddle for My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I’m 33 years old and received a gift related to leisure living that I am very excited about using. It is an otter tail oar for my canoe. The paddles that I got with my canoe have aluminum shafts and square plastic fins. They really aren’t all that bad, […]

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The last post I wrote, Addicted to Reality TV, got me thinking of a reality show that I figure most people don’t know about. It’s called Mantracker and it’s on the Outdoor Life Network. Set in remote areas of Canada two contestants, the prey, will be hunted by Mantracker and have 36 hours to travel 40 kilometers without being caught. […]

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Addicted to Reality TV?

It appears that not only are reality TV shows not going away, but they are a major part of our TV lives. Personally I have grown tired of many of reality shows and completely tuned out others because of the sheer stupidity of them. But many of my friends continue to watch as many of the reality shows as they can. […]

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Underwater Bone Conducting MP3 Player

Underwater Bone Conducting MP3 Player

This underwater MP3 player allows you to listen to music by using bone conduction to transmit sound waves. The sound waves travel from the cheek bones to the inner ear which provides sound clarity.

The two cheek pad transmitters fit onto the cheekbones and attach to swim goggles or a snorkeling mask. […]

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Halloween Scary Beer Story

Alert! May not be suitable for some beer drinkers.

SUNNYSIDE, Wash. – Fans of Snipes Mountain Brewery’s cloudy Hefeweizen relish the subtle wheat flavour of the bright, summery brew and like beer drinkers everywhere, they know when their favourite brew tastes a little too hoppy or bitter.

Connoisseurs could be in for a surprise this year and they may not be alone. […]

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