Festa Brew Double Oatmeal Stout

Guinness Beer Stout Dark Ale

Festa Brew has a new stout recipe that I haven’t tried so I thought I would pick some up and see how it is. I’m not really a stout drinker and not a big fan of Guinness, but I like to try different beers to appreciate the taste. […]

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The Pickle Story

mmm pickles

Here’s a story that a friend of mine told me a while ago. I sent an email about it to a bunch of friends and a week later it was forwarded back to me after it had traveled around the world. I might have used some more descriptive words then was originally told to me, […]

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Finance, Loans, Bad Credit/Personal Loans… The Unexpected

Properly estimating the cost of building a cottage is extremely important and something I have not done very well. I found out that the land I purchased is even with the local water table so land fill must be brought in which will cost $10,000 I hadn’t anticipated.

For the most part I have been able to manage my expenses via my mortgage by extending the amortization period. […]

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Red Wine and the Clay Bowl

Red Wine and the Clay Bowl picture

When I first started drinking wine I liked the sweet white wines as most people do. I tried to like red wine and wanted to like red wine, but it was far too dry, had a much more powerful taste, and often gave me headaches. It wasn’t until I was traveling along the Niagara Wine route and stopped in to De Sousa Wine Cellars. […]

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Top 10 Scary Halloween Movies

Halloween is only a few weeks away and to prepare yourself properly for all hallows eve here is a list of 10 must see scary movies. If you are like me, then you love Scary Halloween Movies – I don’t know what it is, but I get a real thrill out of a good scary movie. […]

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New Guitar Tab Site – tTabs.com

A post that we’ve written called Top 10 Guitar Campfire Songs has been wildly popular resulting in a ton of traffic for us. However it is obvious from the amount of time spent on the post that the readers were looking for something more then just a list. […]

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Story Telling Sunday – New Beginnings

Reggie decided these hunters appeared to be the kind of guys that would shoot first and ask questions later, so he covered up the fire and chased after the stranger. He caught up to him just before the lake and said “come with me. I have a canoe just up the stream. […]

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56 Inch, 55 Pound Mammoth Pike Caught on Rainy Lake in Ontario

Here’s an email that has been passed around lately and I though I would share it with everyone since it is related to the sight.

The story goes that this fellow was out fishing on Rainy Lake in Ontario bordering Minnesota. He was fishing for Pike and had caught a 36 incher, […]

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Story Telling Sunday – Alone in the Woods

Thanks for your comments last week.  Here’s the continuation from The Bear and The Man.  Remember to leave comments this week to let me know what Reggie should do.

Reggie decides the farther away from that bear the better.  He’ll take his chances one night in the woods.  […]

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Funny Adsense Ad On Everyday Weekender

Wow.. I just laughed my ass off. I was looking at my site today and noticed a google adsense ad that had me rolling on the floor.

The adsense ad appeared on my Story Telling Sunday – The Bear and the Man post. I know google is supposed to be great a picking appropriate ads for your content, […]

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