Story Telling Sunday – New Beginnings

Reggie decided these hunters appeared to be the kind of guys that would shoot first and ask questions later, so he covered up the fire and chased after the stranger. He caught up to him just before the lake and said “come with me. I have a canoe just up the stream. We can double back on them.” The stranger paused for a second not knowing if he should trust Reggie, but he really didn’t have a choice. Reggie led the stranger to the canoe quietly and they both paddled up the stream to a connecting lake. They had only made a few strokes when they heard the hunters yelling about a campfire. The hunters had already found Reggie’s shelter and it won’t be long before they find the tracks to the stream. However they won’t know that Reggie has a canoe and that should give them a little bit of breathing space. Reggie and the stranger didn’t say a word. Reggie figured they would canoe in the dark to the end of this lake before making camp and asking any questions.

Chapter 2

General Dixon was his name, at least that’s what they used to call him in the Army. Dixon was dishonourably discharged for conduct not fitting of an officer after 25 years of service. Without any family or friends and no real assets of any kind Dixon found himself out on the streets. But it wasn’t long before a tall thin man named Cressman walked up to Dixon and said “General Dixon I have an offer for you.” Dixon replied “I’m not a general anymore. I’m nothing. But wait…how did you know I was a general?” “My employers are looking for a man with your experience, skills, and leadership. If you want to be a general again and get paid for it, please come with me” said Cressman. Dixon was intrigued, but knew this man was not from the Army and was concerned Cressman could be from some terrorist group. As much as Dixon’s country had abandoned him he was not about to abandon his country. He stared at the tall man. Cressman impatiently asked “Well what will it be General Dixon?”

Should Dixon:

  1. Go with Cressman to find out what all this is about
  2. Stay where he is and report this suspicious man to the police
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