Proline Week 4 NFL Football Picks and Odds

Week 3 was a better week for me. I called the tie correct even though I picked the wrong team to win by 3 in the Vikings game and I called the Jets to win by 4, but it was only a 3pt difference. So I went 3-3 bringing my season total to 5-7.

For week 4 of the NFL I am picking:

Baltimore Ravens to win by 4pts. Simply put defence wins games. Even though the Cleveland Browns seemed to be improved this year they are not good enough to beat the Ravens. Odds 1.80

Chicago Bears to win by 4pts. For the same reason the Ravens are going to win. Now that Grossman is on the bench maybe Chicago’s offence will come to life and that makes it very hard on a Detroit Lions team that got spanked in week 3. Odds 1.90

Dallas Cowboys to win by 4pts. Dallas passed the Bears test last week with flying colours. This week should be no different with the ST. Louis Rams. This will be a cake walk at home. Odds 1.20

New York Jets to win by 4pts. The Jets are facing another division rival in the Buffalo Bills. The Bills are the sad sack team of the league this year and based on last week the Jets should take this one. Odds 1.80

San Diego Chargers to win by 4pts. The Chargers can’t continue to lose can they? Look for LaDainian Tomlinson to have a break out week against the Kansas City Chiefs. Odds 1.25

Indianapolis Colts to win by 4pts. The Colts are once again off to a flying start looking for that elusive undefeated season. Denver could be tricky, but I don’t expect it to be too much trouble for Manning and the boys. Odds 1.25

This week’s payout based on a $2 bet is: $2 x (1.8×1.9×1.2×1.8×1.25×1.25) = $23.08

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