Story Telling Sunday – Alone in the Woods

Thanks for your comments last week.  Here’s the continuation from The Bear and The Man.  Remember to leave comments this week to let me know what Reggie should do.

Reggie decides the farther away from that bear the better.  He’ll take his chances one night in the woods.  Besides what’s the chance of running into another bear on the same day.  Reggie takes his time paddling across the lake to get to the opposite end.  He navigates up a small stream and carefully brings his canoe ashore making sure not to drag it over any large rocks.  Immediately Reggie searched for some sort of shelter or material for a shelter and wood for a fire. Using the rope he had in the canoe Reggie was able to construct a makeshift shelter with small logs and tree branches.  It wasn’t great, but it should give him some protection from the elements.

It was the beginning of fall, many of the trees had turned colour and started dropping their leaves.  The dried leaves would be perfect for catching an ember when Reggie tried to start a fire.  Reggie dug out a little pit with his bailing bucket, crumbled up a bunch of dried leaves and rigged up a wood spinning tool that would create enough friction between two pieces of wood to create a fire.  It took him a while, but Reggie was able to do it and in no time he had a fire big enough to keep him warm for the night.

Reggie made one last sweep of the area looking for any tracks or signs of bears in the area.  Content that there weren’t any he laid down under his shelter by the fire and rested his head on a life jacket.  Reggie was very hungry, but that was the least of his concerns knowing that he had to make it through the rest of tonight and then head back to the cottage to see if the bear was gone.  Reggie closed his eyes and fell asleep.

It felt like he had been asleep for hours, but it was still dark and Reggie was woken by the sound of shotguns being fired and men yelling.  Reggie rubbed his eyes and cleared his head.  What could these guys be hunting?  The bear hunt was canceled a couple of years ago and there is no hunting for deer in this area.  He peered around one of the makeshift walls of the shelter to see beams of light coming through the bushes.  The men were definitely moving in his direction, but were still far off.  Reggie could hear something quickly moving through the bushes and coming right at him.  He figured it was the animal the men were hunting.  It came bolting through the bushes right in front of Reggie and shouted “RUN!”  The animal was a man!  The fleeing stranger said no more and headed straight for the lake.

Reggie was frozen; he didn’t know what to do.

Should Reggie:

  1. Run, like the man said.
  2. Call out to the hunters to identify himself
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