Proline Week 3 NFL Football Picks and Odds

So last week was a bit of a crazy week. Carson Palmer throws 6 touchdowns for Cincinnati and still loses to the Browns! Needless to say my record isn’t that great right now at 2-4, but this week things should be better.

For week 3 of the NFL I am picking:

Minnesota Vikings to win by 3pts. This is going to be a very close game between the Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs. Neither team is very good and both are prone to the turnover. I’m going to say the winner of this game will win by 3pts or less which constitutes a tie in Proline. Odds 2.90

Carolina Panthers to win by 4pts. Jake Delhomme has been great for Carolina and Steve Smith just keeps on catching touch downs. The Panthers should win this one over the Atlanta Falcons pretty easily. Odds 1.60

New York Giants to win by 4pts. Eli Manning is still playing and that gives the Giants an edge over the Washington Redskins. If the Giants can control Clinton Portis they should be able to win this one. Odds 3.00

Dallas Cowboys to win by 4pts. The Tony Romo – Terrell Owens connection keeps rolling for the Cowboys. The Chicago Bears have got a terrific defense and if Rex Grossman has any success the Cowboys are in tough, but I think they will pull this one out. Odds 2.50

New York Jets to win by 4pts. The Jets are facing the Miami Dolphins who flat out stink. With Chad Pennington back for the Jets they will have a win in week 3. Odds 1.90

Detroit Lions to win by 4pts. The Lions are 2-0 on the season and I don’t see why the Philadelphia Eagles should get in their way. Donovan McNabb has not had a good start to the season and now that he is being dogged about his slightly racial comments I think he will be distracted. I’ll take the Lions to go 3-0 on this one. Odds 3.00

This week is definitely a week of underdog picks for me, however if it all pans out right and I put down $2 on this ticket the payout will be. $2 x (2.9×1.6x3x2.5×1.9×3) = $396.72

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