Red Wine and the Clay Bowl

Red Wine and the Clay Bowl picture

When I first started drinking wine I liked the sweet white wines as most people do. I tried to like red wine and wanted to like red wine, but it was far too dry, had a much more powerful taste, and often gave me headaches. It wasn’t until I was traveling along the Niagara Wine route and stopped in to De Sousa Wine Cellars. They were giving out samples of Marechal Foch and I said “no thanks” to the lady in the store. She asked me why and I told her that I don’t like red wine for the reasons above. She said I’ve got just the thing for you…clay bowls!

She told me that unfinished clay bowls absorb the tannins in red wine which commonly cause people to have headaches. It drastically alters the taste, in a good way, as well. Whether it was just a sales pitch or not I bought the bowls and started my journey into the wonderful world of red wine. I don’t use the bowls anymore because I appreciate red wine now, but for those that are just starting to drink wine and have reservations about red wine try the clay bowls. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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