Proline Week 6 NFL Football Picks and Odds

Week 6 had an incredible back and forth game between the Vikings and Bears. If it wasn’t for Ryan Longwell’s 55yrd kick my pick would have been correct. As it was I went 3 and 3 last week which a season total of 11-19.

Here are my picks for week 7 of the NFL.

Houston Texans to win by 4pts. Houston is at home to face the Tennessee Titans. Titans QB Vince Young is likely not going to play meaning Kerry Collins will be thrown in the fire. I think Houston will squeak this one out based on turnovers. Odds 2.50

Detroit Lions to win by 4pts. The Lions face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week. Detroit is coming off a bye, are at home, and have one of the best offences in the league. If they can avoid the big mistake they should pull this one out. Odds 2.30

Dallas Cowboys to win by 4pts. Minnesota won a big game last week and should be on a high. But Dallas is a far better team then Chicago and the Vikings will come crashing back to reality this week. Dallas wins easily. Odds 1.30

Seattle Seahawks to win by 4pts. The Seahawks have had two bad losses in a row, but the St. Louis Rams are in town and just what the doctor ordered. Seattle’s defence and offence is just too good to keep losing, especially to the worst team in the league. Pick the Seahawks here. Odds 1.30

Philadelphia Eagles to win by 4pts. Phili is at home to face the Chicago Bears this week. The Bears offence is starting to come around with Brian Greise at the helm, but the Eagles are too consistent and solid of a team to lose to the bears. Odds 1.80

New York Giants to win by 4pts. The Giants are at home to face the San Francisco 49ers. The Giants are on a huge roll and there is no way San Francisco is going to stop them even coming off a bye week. This is an easy win for the Giants. Odds 1.30

This week’s payout based on a $2 bet is: $2 x (2.5×2.3×1.3×1.3×1.8×1.3) = $45.48

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