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A post that we’ve written called Top 10 Guitar Campfire Songs has been wildly popular resulting in a ton of traffic for us. However it is obvious from the amount of time spent on the post that the readers were looking for something more then just a list. They wanted the music. Well now they will be able to take that list and find the songs on

I’ve been to many other tab sites and my biggest complaint about most of them is speed and difficulty in finding the group or song I’m looking for. is extremely well organized with a huge library of guitar tabs, drum tabs, and bass tabs. Many of the songs have numerous versions from different authors so you can choose which version suits you best. The most impressive thing is how quickly you can find the song you are looking for. Many other tab sites are filled with popup ads, misdirections, and slow page loading. Not

I searched for Plain White Ts by clicking on the letter P. All the bands starting with P loaded instantly, and I mean all the bands. It wasn’t paginated forcing you to click through page after page of unwanted bands. I scrolled to Plain White Ts, clicked on it and found a few versions of Hey There Delilah. is by far my tab site of choice from now on. If you’re looking for tabs this is the site to go to. You won’t be disappointed.

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