Addicted to Reality TV?

It appears that not only are reality TV shows not going away, but they are a major part of our TV lives. Personally I have grown tired of many of reality shows and completely tuned out others because of the sheer stupidity of them. But many of my friends continue to watch as many of the reality shows as they can. Shows like American and Canadian Idol, Americas Next Top Model, Beauty and the Geek, and The Bachelor continue to get high enough ratings that they are on season after season. There really are only two shows that I watch now, Amazing Race and Hells Kitchen. Amazing race is getting a little tiresome too because all the teams have to be strange or different in some way or I guess the producers feel it won’t be interesting enough.

Regardless reality TV isn’t going anywhere soon so I thought I would do a quiz by Quizlee – How addicted are you to reality TV?

The quiz asks a number of questions about reality game shows and contestants of the past to see how closely you’ve been paying attention. As you can see from my score I’m not the biggest fan and even that score is bloated because I guessed correctly on some of the questions. Give the quiz a try to see how addicted you are to reality TV.

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