Scary Trend for Great Lake Water Levels

A concern for cottage owners and potential cottage owners on small lakes is water level during the summer. Many lakes drop considerably during the summer when there isn’t much rain. It makes a huge difference for swimming, boating and aquatic life. The long term outlook doesn’t appear to be good as even the Great Lakes are being drastically affected as described in this article from the Toronto Star.

When Julie Woodyear was a kid, she and her brother raced each other around their family’s Georgian Bay island in dinghies.

Thirty years later, a dinghy race would involve dragging the boats over land because her island is no longer an island. It’s become part of the mainland.

Hers is a familiar story around Lake Huron where, over the past decade, water levels have dropped about a metre. Docks that stretch more than 100 metres now lead to land. Boats have been abandoned in boathouses 300 metres from water. Tanker owners complain they can no longer get their ships to ports. Wetlands have turned to meadows. And marinas, like Brian Ramler’s in Waubaushene, have had to cut business by half because boats can’t land in knee-deep water. Read More

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