Otter Tail Paddle for My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! I’m 33 years old and received a gift related to leisure living that I am very excited about using. It is an otter tail oar for my canoe. The paddles that I got with my canoe have aluminum shafts and square plastic fins. They really aren’t all that bad, but I wanted to get a better oar for two reasons. One, I wanted to make it look like I knew what I was doing! Having a nice wooden paddle will make others think I’m an experienced paddler. The second reason and main reason is that the otter tail paddle should help me control the canoe when I’m steering. Anything that will help me steer the canoe is going to make my outings a lot more enjoyable.

Otter Tail Paddle

I probably won’t get out on the water for the rest of this year so I will have to wait until next spring. Until then I will read up on paddling strokes and just admire the beautiful piece of woodwork that is my oar.

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