Proline Week 10 NFL Football Picks and Odds

I’m on a roll now with my third winning week in a row going 4-2 in week 9 to bring my overall record to 23-25.  Well the big game came and went.  The Patriots showed that they are the best team although the Colts aren’t far behind.

Here are my picks for week 10 of the NFL.

New Orleans Saints to win by 4pts.  The Saints are back to .500 after winning 4 straight games.  They are at home this week to face the, now healthy, St. Louis Rams.  The Rams are a much better team with their starting QB and RB, but they won’t be able to stop the offence of the Saints. Odds 1.15

Jacksonville Jaguars to win by 4pts.  Jacksonville has won a game and lost a game with their backup QB.  The Tennessee Titans are at home this week and riding a winning streak, however their wins have not been impressive.  I’ll take Jacksonville for the upset. Odds 3.00

Indianapolis Colts to win by 4pts.  The Colts lost the battle of the undefeated teams last week and are in San Diego this week.  The Chargers had a terrible game against the Vikings.  Look for the Colts to take out their frustration on the Chargers. Odds 1.40

Buffalo Bills to win by 4pts.  The Bills have recovered their season by getting back to a .500 record and face the Miami Dolphins in Miami this week.  Miami just doesn’t have the talent to compete in the NFL and will not win a game this season.  Take the Bills. Odds 1.70

Green Bay Packers in by 4pts.  Minnesota had an amazing and surprising win last week setting a single game rushing record.  However they are on the road this week and Green Bay is an amazing 7-1.  There won’t be two miracle weeks in a row for the Vikings.  Go with Green Bay. Odds 1.50

Pittsburgh Steelers to win by 4pts.  Pittsburgh is at home again this week and facing the now dangerous Cleveland Browns.  Cleveland might be good and getting better, but they will have their eyes opened this week as they face a complete team on offence and defence.  The Steelers will win again. Odds 1.30

This week’s payout based on a $2 bet is:  $2 x (1.15x3x1.4×1.7×1.5×1.3) = $32.00

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