The last post I wrote, Addicted to Reality TV, got me thinking of a reality show that I figure most people don’t know about. It’s called Mantracker and it’s on the Outdoor Life Network. Set in remote areas of Canada two contestants, the prey, will be hunted by Mantracker and have 36 hours to travel 40 kilometers without being caught. They are given a map, a compass and have a head start on Mantracker. Mantracker has a horse, that he must stay on, an assistant and years of experience tracking prey.

No two shows are ever the same because the locations are different and the hunted contestants have different strategies as to how to cross the finish line before time runs out and without getting caught. I’ve seen episodes where people have hitched a ride to get across the line in time and others where they simply run day and night. It’s truly amazing how good this Mantracker is. He can spot partial boot prints in the mud and notices things like how his horse keeps looking back down the trail, maybe the prey have double backed on him.

Here is the shows website check it out and maybe even sign up to see if you can out whit the Mantracker!

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