Make Beer at Home

Make Beer at Home with a Couple of Buckets

Who loves beer? Who loves beer?
I love beer!!

As I mentioned in the 20 Million Dollar Dream Cottage article brewing beer is a weekend hobby of mine.

For anyone that has gone to a U-Brew shop to make beer you probably thought you would get a lot of beer for a cheap price. […]

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Cooking A Juicy Steak To Perfection

Steak Perfection

Spring and summer are coming and that means it’s time to get the barbeque in shape for the weekend barbeque parties. Of course the fan favourite is always cooking a nice thick and juicy steak, but it doesn’t always turn out the way you planned, does it? […]

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Baileys Choclatini

Drink of the Week

Just so you know, I had about 5 of these choclatinis last night – they were very good. Woke up on my couch at 3:30am.

Anyways, I found this at the local LCBO which is a great place for drink and food recipes. […]

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Blue Cheese Straws

Well folks, here we go again with yet another appetizer recipe from the LCBO. The ‘official’ weekend is coming to a close so you might want to try making these before tomorrow, but either way I’m sure these will keep your guests coming back for more. I think I love these more then the Baked Lamb Samosas – […]

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