20 Million Dollar Dream Cottage

If I had a million dollars…..Make that $20 million.

In light of our national lottery being $20 million I thought I would share with you what my dream cottage would look like.

To start out I would need a lot of land somewhere around 25 acres. I would build a main cottage, a guest cottage, a boathouse, and a brewery. Being true to the outdoors all the buildings would be in the log cabin style.

Mulit-Million Dollar Dream Cottage (Vacation Spot)

The main cottage would be open to the roof with a lofted upper level. There would be a large stone fireplace running from floor to the ceiling centered on the wall facing the water. On either side of the fireplace the walls would be large panes of glass to provide a gorgeous view of the lake. The kitchen would be large and open. Granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances would be main attractions. The dining room would have a long rectangular wood table that could seat 20 people. There would be a bar area with a large snooker table. I would have a nice selection of scotches, wines and cigars behind the bar, with a couple of microbrews on tap.

The guest cottage would be like a small house with 3 bedrooms, a full bathroom, kitchen and living room. A nice cast iron glass double door wood stove would heat the building. The grounds would have a Bocce Ball court and a Horseshoes court. Croquette would be setup as well as a sand Volleyball court. Outdoor speakers would be located at all the gathering areas so that music could be heard wherever you were.

Beautiful Balcony View of Vacation/Cottage Boat House

The boat house would have two doors, one for the bass boat and one for the ski boat. On the second level there would be a casual room with large windows to enjoy the view. In here you would be able to get out of the sun for a bit, grab something to eat and refresh your drink. A large wrap around deck would surround the room so that guests could sit outside in the sun by the water.

The final building is truly a dream building for me. The Brewery! I consider myself a connoisseur of beer. I love the history, the different styles, and the of course the taste of beer. In the brewery I would work on making the perfect wheat beer. There really isn’t anything much better then an ice cold wheat beer on a hot summer weekend by the lake.

So that’s what I would do if I won the lottery. It would be a dream come true and who knows maybe my 1 in 14million chance of winning that lottery will come through one day. Hopefully soon! What would you do?

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