Automatic Golf Tee

Automatic Golf Tee

With spring here the driving ranges will be opening so that everyone can get their swing back in shape after a long cold winter. When on the course golfers have the luxury of having someone carry their clubs and pull the pin for them so why would they want to tee up their own ball while practicing at the range?

Now the laziest golfer gets his wish! The Automatic Golf Tee can hold 35 balls and will perfectly tee up the ball every time. No more bending over to grab another ball potentially straining your back or ripping the seat of your pants! In reality the Automatic Golf Tee lets you concentrate on your swing. You don’t have to get out of your stance so if that is not the problem you can analyze other aspects of your swing. Golf is all about repetition to train your muscles what the correct swing feels like. Without having to hesitate between swings training the muscles will be easier.

The Automatic Golf Tee is lightweight so it can be taken anywhere and is only $50 US. It seems silly at first, but the more you think about it the more this seems like a decent product for golf lovers….plus golfers will buy anything!

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