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For the most part I have addressed all the ‘major’ parts of building my cottage. The building plans and materials have been purchased. The septic system, foundation, and grading have been planned. I intend on heating the cottage with a wood stove and I will bring bottled water for drinking and cooking, but what about water for the toilet, shower, and sinks?

I’ve got to figure out how to draw the water from the lake to the cottage and I would prefer to have it available all year long. I’ve been searching on the Net for cottage water kits and surprisingly enough have not found much. Most places are selling individual parts. Separate pumps, separate pressure tanks and pipes. How do I know if I want a jet pump or a water pump? Should it be a submersible pump in the lake or a dry pump under the cottage? Do I need a pressure tank and do they work with all pumps? I still don’t have the answers to these questions, but while I was at the Spring Cottage Show I spoke with representative from Cottage Water Supply.

Cottage Water Supply offers an entire package that can provide water to your cottage year round. The product they offer is a self draining water system meaning you don’t have to burry the pipes below the frost line because the water does not sit in the pipes during the winter! There is a release valve that can be opened or closed depending on the season. If it is summer the valve can be closed which will keep water in the pipes for immediate use. In the winter the valve can be opened which will drain the pipes of all water after each request (opening taps at a sink). When the tap closes the water rushes out of the pipes, using gravity, and back into the lake. No water sits in the pipes so there is no chance of freezing and bursting. If you don’t have an elevated lot, like me, a pressure tank is added to the system to assist in pushing the water back out of the pipes.

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  1. Travis says:

    Hey there!

    Just wondering if you went with Cottage Water Supply’s winter water drainback system and, if so, how you made out. I’m considering it for my cottage, but I’m in the very early research stages.


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