Deal Locker – Because friends help friends get deals

This past week I was introduced to Deal Locker. Deal Locker is a site that provides free printable coupons and coupon codes online. This site takes a bunch of coupons and puts them in one, easy to use spot for us to search them. Pretty slick idea I think. Well, anytime I can save some money when buying things, I’m pretty interested. This was no different.

The slogan of the site is quite interesting too: ‘Deal Locker – Because friends help friends get deals’… ain’t that the truth! Anytime I find me some deals, I’m always sharing them with my friends. It’s the friend thing to do. With deal locker, they are dedicated to friends helping friends get deals and with the power of the internet, we’re magically connected to a ton of ‘friends’. Think of the coupons, think of the deals, and think of the savings! With this site/service, we all can point our friends to one single location for free online coupons.

I did a bunch of searches to see if I could find some useful things. I tried searching for some canoe coupons, since I just recently talked about buying a canoe and since I recently picked up by brand new camera, I figured I would search for camera coupons. Boy oh boy I wish I would have discovered this site a bit sooner. I found a bunch of Broadway Photo coupons that I could have used to save me some real cash!

Even thought I didn’t get to save a whack of cash on my camera purchase, I did manage to find some really cool coupons for some gear I’m looking to buy sometime real soon. You’ll all have to keep your pants on to find out what it is I’m buying. Don’t worry though, you’ll read about it in an upcoming post!

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