Dominican Republic Can’t Be Beat

Although I have not traveled around the world as much as many people the Dominican Republic is one of my favourite places for vacationing. The flight from Canada is relatively short and the prices for an all inclusive trip really can’t be beat. I could get a return flight from Toronto to Vancouver for the same price as a 1 week all inclusive 4 star resort vacation in Punta Cana. Which one would you choose?

Before I had traveled to the Caribbean I had always heard that the food in Cuba was not very good and I expected the same from the Dominican Republic, but that has not been the case. I have thoroughly enjoyed the food at the resorts I have stayed in. The last resort had a Japanese restaurant where I tried Sashimi for the first time and loved it!

If you are looking for more then a weekend vacation with great food, great service, fantastic beaches, all for a low price then the Dominican Republic is the place for you.

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