Glass Bottom Boat – Your Transparent Canoe

Transparent Canoe

This kayak-canoe hybrid is made of the same durable material found in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets. It’s transparent hull offers paddlers an underwater view of aquatic wildlife and scenery.

The canoe seats two people, is easy to maneuver, and the width displaces a greater amount of water for more surface stability. The adjustable seats allow paddlers of different heights to personalize their leg room, which is a great advantage for tall and inflexible people. With a lightweight anodized aluminum frame, it can be easily stored or transported to and from the water. Includes two double-headed paddles, a water bailer, and two flotation devices.

This is a fantastic looking canoe/kayak that offers a see-through hull. The lake that my cottage will be on won’t be as clear blue as the picture so the advantages of the hull may not be of use to me. I do like the adjustable seating features since my legs normally cramp up on long trips and any canoe that is stable is a canoe I like. At $1500 US this is probably over priced, but if you have the money it would be a toy that would attract attention on the lake.

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