I Blog because I Can

Well it looks like I’ve been tagged by Carl Pei. Carl wants me to give 5 reasons why I blog.

  1. I blog because I can
  2. I consider myself part of the first generation of the internet at the age of 32. Anyone I know 40yrs or older still make comments like “I hate the internet, I can never find anything I’m looking for.” Everyone who is younger than me knows everything there is to know about computers and the internet. I’m relatively new to blogging, I always figured no one would care what I had to say so why bother. Now that I’ve started this blog, and seemed to have had a good response, I’m really enjoying myself.

  1. My friend knows what he is doing
  2. A friend came to me and said he wanted to start a blog to apply some of his internet marketing knowledge and maybe make some money, but he didn’t have any content. I saw this as an opportunity to start a project and share my cottage building experiences with others. So far he’s done a great job. In only about 3 weeks technorati ranks us around 34,000.

  1. Share my cottage experiences
  2. It has taken a long time for me to actually find a cottage property that met my needs and was somewhat affordable. In that time frame there were a lot of hurdles and mistakes that I had to overcome. I figured there are probably a number of people out there wanting to do the same thing I’ve done, but aren’t sure how to go about doing it. This blog should help others and makes me feel good that I can help.

  1. Historical documentation
  2. Writing this blog and taking pictures, when I eventually start building the cottage, will ensure that this exciting time in my life is well documented. In the future I can look back at all I went through and the progression of the cottage as it was being built.

  1. Entrepreneurial spirit
  2. Even though I have no idea how much money this blog can make me it does interest me to run this blog like a business. I have started two unsuccessful internet companies in the past and feel like I will learn a lot about internet marketing by being a part of this project.

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