Inspections Passed!‏

Last Thursday was a big day for me. I had the building inspector in to take a look at the framing and I had the plumbing inspector in to take a look at the drainage and vent system. The plumbing inspector was in and out very quickly. He’s having me change how the shower drains are positioned, which means I have to cut out some of the work I’ve done, but it shouldn’t be too bad. Other then that he said everything looked good and passed the inspection!

The building inspector took a look at the framing to confirm that the building was built according to the approved plans. The documentation he provided me led me to believe I had to have the insulation and vapour barrier done before he was to come for this inspection so I had already started insulating the upstairs bedrooms. As it turns out, and common sense would tell you, that it’s pretty hard to inspect framing when it’s covered in insulation. Anyway the inspector was in a good mood that day and didn’t make me rip it all out. He wanted to see more blocking in the floor joists of the main floor around the perimeter walls and that was it! So now I can go ahead and finish insulating the rest of the cottage. I’ve got about 70% of the cottage insulated and should be done by the first week in March. That means I can turn on the furnace and actually work in a heated building and stay over night instead of driving home at night and back to the cottage in the morning.

The next steps will be to get the building inspector back in to inspect the insulation, install the water lines, and hire a contractor to do the drywall. It’s getting close to being a livable building and it’s got me excited to do as much work as I can in the time that I have up there. Hopefully by the time the warm weather rolls around the cottage will be done and I can spend my time on the water catching fish.

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  1. J Davey says:

    Great site and information on your cottage build!
    Question: What were the concerns around blocking around the perimeter walls? Usually blocking is required every 2.1m, so I was just wondering what your inspector specified?

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