Keys To Having A Good Barbeque Party

Keys to having a good barbeque party

  • Make sure you have enough alcohol
  • Make sure you have a variety of alcohol
  • Don’t let your guests pour their own drinks
  • Have plenty of non alcoholic drinks
  • Select music that sounds good as a background noise, but is not too loud or distracting that it takes away from conversation
  • Ensure there is plenty of seating
  • Provide some sort of game such as Bocce Ball
  • Make sure to have appetizers consisting of deli meats, cheeses, and vegetables
  • Make sure to have a vegetarian main dish as well as a selection of meats
  • Provide fruit or something sweet for desert
  • Put the alcoholic drinks away long before anyone plans on leaving
  • Let everyone know they can stay at your place if they’ve had too much to drink or that you can call them a cab
  • Arrange for car pooling and designated drivers

Backyard Barbecue (BBQ) Burgers

Following these tips will ensure everyone has a safe and memorable time. Now fire up those barbques!

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