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Get Rich with John Chow!
This guy is a genius. John is a dot com mogul who will, no doubt, teach you how to make money online. Aside from the benefit of making you rich, John has a very professional and active site. He gets a ton of people to review his blog on a daily basis.

When first looking at John’s site it has a pleasing clean look to it. The cars at the top of the page are eye catching and the slogan, if you will, gives you a sense that there will be some humor in the articles you are about to read. The site does have a lot of advertisements on it however they do not clutter the pages or detract from the actual articles. Advertisement spacers neatly define the beginning and end of articles. Along the right hand side John has Featured Sites, Categories, Recent Posts, Top Commentators, and then Recent Reader pictures. The recent readers and top commentators sections allows everyone to know who are the active members of the community.

Many of the articles I enjoyed were the ones that referred to “insider” information such as Google’s Top Secret Advertising Network. This sort of information and information about running a successful blog is invaluable to someone trying to follow in the footsteps. How often do you get to talk to someone that has created a successful business and have that person tell you all their tips and tricks. It is very rare and yet here John is writing articles about it all the time. There is a lot to be learned for those that are interested.

There are definitely times where all you want to do is kill time and John has some of these articles too. Take a look at the live lobster diner video. It’s pretty interesting, but I don’t know if I would be able to handle it.

I read the Top Posts section and found passionate comments. The readers didn’t just respond with something like “sucks to be you.” They were generally interested in the articles and felt compelled enough to share their similar experiences in a logical manner. I think John has found a gold mine by being able to bring these people together and really make a contribution to his site.

I enjoy this site. I like that you don’t feel like you are bombarded by advertising. The business information is great, the community feeling is apparent and the readers make a serious contribution. All in all a great site and it is obvious why it is so successful.

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