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I’m a big fan of the look and layout of Matt Coddington’s site: net business blog. The most obvious colour on the site is green, being the colour of money, which plays right into the theme of the blog. I really like the idea of boxing a couple of articles in dark green and the top of the page with a link to read more. There is something mysterious about the read more link that makes want to click it every time.

In general I’m not overly interested in business blogs, but will read and article or two from time to time. Matt’s blog however is very interesting in the types of articles that are written or maybe I should say the style in which they are written. There are challenging articles, such as Technorati is a Joke, which makes the readers question what is accepted as the norm. There are question articles that are pose a question to the readers to see what the general public thinks. There are standard polls. And there are the ongoing rock and roll blog articles. This is something like a reality tv show enticing the reader to keep coming back to see how things have progressed. Each article style invites the reader to interact with the community, by leaving their opinion which intern sparks more interest and more opinions.

Depending on your interest you will find something to learn on Net Business Blog either from the content of Matt’s articles or from the style in which they were written.

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