NFL Fantasy Draft – Part 1

The start of the NFL season is only a couple of weeks away and that means it’s draft time for all the fantasy sports poolies.

This is only my second year in a player pool with head to head format. Meaning I’m going to draft a team of players and each week my team will go up against another team in the pool.

If the sum of points accumulated by each of my players is more than my opponents then I win that week. In our pool we have to pick:

1 – Quarter Back
3 – Wide Receiver
2 – Running Back
1 – Tight End
1 – Kicker
3 – Defensive Player (Any position)
6 – Bench spots (offence or defence)

The main Scoring categories consist of:

6 points for any touchdown
1 point for every 50 passing yards
1 point for every 20 rushing yards
1 point for every tackle
3 points for every sack
2 points for an interception
3, 4, or 5 points for a field goal depending on the length of the kick

So in total we have to pick 17 players during the draft. I thought I would share with you my vast knowledge of the game and maybe help you during your NFL fantasy draft.

QB: Selecting more then one starting quarterback is important because of injuries. I’m going to stick with the QB’s I had last year, Donovan McNabb and Drew Brees. Donovan was injured half way through last season and has lost some key players during the off season, but he is an excellent quarterback and I think is flying a little under the radar this year. I’m hoping to pick him up after a couple of rounds. Drew Brees on the other hand had a fantastic season last year and should probably go in the first round.

RB: Good scoring running backs are few and far between. It is always a struggle whether to select a QB in the first round or RB. The 3 running backs I’ll be looking for are LaDainian Tomlinson, Larry Johnson, and Clinton Portis. All three touch the ball a lot, have break away speed, and score a bunch of touchdowns. They are the focal part of their team’s offence and you should consider yourself lucky if you are able to pick one of them up.

WR: Wide Receivers are easier to pick, but the best ones are the quarter backs favourites. Drew Brees often looks for Reggie Bush, technically a running back, but has great hands. Payton Manning goes to Marvin Harrison, and the interesting tandem this year will be Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Brady and Moss could put up a lot of points this season. New England fans should be very excited about the team this year.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss my potential picks for Tight Ends, Kickers, and Defensive players.

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