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In the past I’ve been involved in office pools making weekly football picks against the spread and usually finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. Following all the stats and player changes each week takes up a lot of time so most people end up betting on their favorite team or just flip a coin. offers sports handicapping services from professional handicappers. The handicappers know everything there is to know about a particular game, whether you are making football picks or college football picks, and present that information to you so you can make an educated decision. Injuries and player changes drastically affect the outcome of football games, but unless you enjoy reading all the newspapers and watching all the TV shows you probably won’t be able to keep up with whether or not a player is going to play.

With you can let the handicapper worry about it. A good handicapper should be on top of the status of all the key players and present that information to you well before the game starts. If you are looking for an advantage in your sports pools checkout handicapping services for a better chance at winning and making the proper educated choice.

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