Poker Sunday: Week 3 – Born Under A Bad Sign

Things have gone from ok to horrible. Last post I explained how I felt playing good cards would be the right move in the long run and I still believe that to be true. I also explained that you will go on tilt every once in a while, which is also true. My tip was to sit out a few hands before playing after going on tilt and that is very good advice because this entire week I have been on tilt. I’m playing good cards, I’m raising when I’m supposed to, I have to say I call a little too much, which is something I need to correct, but I fold my hand pre-flop around 70% – 75% of the time. So I’m not being foolish and trying to win every pot on every hand. Turns out all my hard work, experience, and patience is being wiped out by Bad Luck! I can’t explain it any other way. I’ve looked back at my hand history to see if I should have played things differently and as I mentioned I probably called a few too many times instead of folding. Other then that I’ve raised with good cards and bet out when I felt I had the best hand. I’ll explain some of my bad luck in my Hand of the Week.

Hand of the Week

This week I’m going to tell you about two hands just to show the hex that has been placed upon me. I had my stack up to $570 so I was playing at the $5/$10 tables I was in early position and dealt Big Slick (ace and king). I raised the big blind and was re-raised by the player beside the button. The button called the three bet and so did the big blind. The flop was queen, jack, 10! I flopped a nut straight! The big blind checked I bet, the person beside the button raised, the button, big blind and myself called. I figure at this point the re-raiser has a pair of queens in his hand and thinks his three of a kind is the best hand. The turn is a nothing card. Big blind checks, I bet, the next player re-raises, the button and big blind fold. I’ve really got this guy where I want him so I re-re-raise. He raises again and I call wanting to keep him around for the river. Except that a jack pops up on the river and pairs the board making the other player and full house and he takes down the pot. Complete bad luck to have flopped the top straight and have the other player hit a full house on the river.

The other hand, which doesn’t take much explaining, had me with a pair of kings preflop and one other player in the hand. The flop was 4, 4, king. I flopped a full house, kings over 4’s. Raising went back and forth. I figured this guy has another 4 or pair of aces. Turns out he flopped four of a kind! He had been dealt a pair of 4’s plus the 4’s on the flop….crazy!

Anyhoo I’ve only got $58 bucks left and I’ve got to get out of this funk. Anyone know how to break a jinx? Because right now if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have no luck at all.

Previous Balance: $506
Current Balance: $58
Profit/Loss: -$448

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