Proline Week 2 NFL Football Picks and Odds

In Canada the government wanted a piece of the action when it came to sports betting. So it started a nation sports book offering odds, spreads, and over under cards. I’ve been in a number of spread pools in the past and have hung in there never to win a week and finish just out of the money spots. So now I’m moving to Proline odds. They require you to pick a ticket of 3 to 6 games and you must correctly guess the outcome of each of the games on your ticket.

For week 2 of the NFL I am picking:

Indianapolis Colts to win by 4pts. I don’t think it is a stretch of the imagination to believe that the Colts offence, lead by Payton Manning, could beat Tennessee by 4pts. Odds 1.40

Cincinnati Bengals to win by 4pts. With Carson Palmer and Ocho Cinqo on offence 4pts should be no problem. Odds 1.40

Green Bay Packers to win by 4pts. Favre is getting old and the receiving corp is very young, but Eli is out for a month and Brandon Jacobs has a torn MCL. Packers all the way. Odds 2.30

Dallas Cowboys to win by 4pts. Tony Romo had a great start to the season leading all players in fantasy points. Look for the Boys to continue that offence against the Dolphins who will struggle all year for wins. Odds 1.70

Denver Broncos to win by 4pts. Jay Cutler had some scary moments in week 1, but he should be over his season starting jitters. Denver will beat an inconsistent Oakland. Odds 1.25

Seattle Seahawks to win by 4pts. Hassleback and Alexander once again looked very good in the first game of the season and will only get better. Arizona has some young talent, but won’t be able to overcome the seasoned veterans of Seattle. Odds 1.90

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