Proline Week 8 NFL Football Picks and Odds

Week 7 was a good week for me going 4-2 to bring my overall record to 15-21. This week could be a trap week because a lot of the winning teams are playing weaker teams so it looks like a sure thing. Regardless I’ve got to go with the favorites.

Here are my picks for week 8 of the NFL.

Indianapolis Colts to win by 4pts. The Colts are on the road to face the Carolina Panthers who are coming off a bye week. The Colts showed that they are the real deal by dominating Jacksonville last week. Not even “old man” Vinny can stop the Colts. Odds 1.30

New York Giants to win by 4pts. The Giants and Miami Dolphins are playing in London England this week so neither team really has home field advantage. With the time change some players may not be playing with the energy they normally have. Either way Miami is without their starting QB and RB. They are no match for the Giants. Odds 1.25

Tennessee Titans to win by 4pts. The Titans just squeaked out a win last week, but that was with their backup QB. This week they are at home to face the Oakland Raiders and everyone is healthy. Oakland really hasn’t been able to put it together this season. The Titans will win this one. Odds 1.40

Pittsburgh Steelers to win by 4pts. The Steelers are in Cincinnati to face the Bengals this week. The Steelers had a tough loss against Denver last week, but still kept it close. The Bengals have one of the worst defences in the league and the Pittsburgh will take full advantage of that. Look for the Steelers to control the game by running the ball a lot. Odds 1.70

Tampa Bay Buccaneers in by 4pts. Tampa is at home to face the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville’s starting QB has gone down with a serious ankle sprain. That will make a huge difference against a Tampa Bay team that doesn’t make many mistakes when they have the ball and have a terrific defence when they don’t have the ball. Tampa will take this one. Odds 1.80

Green Bay Packers to win by 4pts. Green Bay is in Denver this week and are the underdogs. But at 5-1 on the season and having two weeks to heal injuries and prepare for this one game I can’t see how the Denver Broncos can win this game. Go against the spread on this one and pick the Packers. Odds 2.70

This week’s payout based on a $2 bet is: $2 x (1.3×1.25×1.4×1.7×1.8×2.7) = $37.60

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