Proline Week 9 NFL Football Picks and Odds

Another winning week for me going 4-2 in week 8 to bring my overall record to 19-23. Week 9 is the big week everyone is talking about. Clash of the Titans week! Two undefeated teams go head to head. I’ll make my pick and tell you why below.

Here are my picks for week 9 of the NFL.

New Orleans Saints to win by 4pts. The Saints have finally figured it out and are on a 3 game winning streak. They are at home to the Jacksonville Jaguars who are still without their top rated QB. Home field advantage and momentum will win this game for the Saints. Odds 2.00

San Diego Chargers to win by 4pts. The Chargers are on a roll like the Saints and are visiting the Minnesota Vikings this week. The Vikings are trying anything they can to have some sort of a passing game. That includes bringing back Jeff George. Retired football players are not going to help the Vikings this week. Odds 1.30

Seattle Seahawks to win by 4pts. Seattle is coming off a bye this week and are visiting the hot Cleveland Browns. Everyone seems to be on the Browns bandwagon, but with 2 weeks of preparation and the probowl caliber players on the Seattle I’ll take the upset in this one. Odds 2.60

New England Patriots to win by 4pts. The media is hyping this one up just as they did with the Dallas vs. Patriot game and that was a blow out. Indianapolis Colts are at home and are undefeated and the Super Bowl champs, but New England has been perfect this season. Their perfection will continue this week and show everyone that this is the best team football has ever seen! Odds 1.50

Dallas Cowboys in by 4pts. Dallas is in Philadelphia this week and are coming off a bye. The Eagles have struggle every week just to put points up on the board and Dallas should handle them easily. Odds 1.60

Pittsburgh Steelers to win by 4pts. Pittsburgh is at home this week against the Baltimore Ravens. Pittsburgh’s rushing style of offence makes them the favourite team almost every week. They control the time of possession by pounding the ball and wearing out the defence. Look for them to win again this week. Odds 1.25

This week’s payout based on a $2 bet is: $2 x (2×1.3×2.6×1.5×1.6×1.25) = $40.56

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