Story Telling Sunday

Each Sunday I will write a short story that continues from the week before as a means of improving my writing skills. At the end of each story I will give 2 choices for you to decide how the story should continue. The choice with the most comments as of the following Friday will win and I will continue the story in that direction.

I hope you enjoy it and help make this a full time post on the Everyday Weekender.

Reginald Baker, a retired teacher and full time hermit, had managed to make enough money from an inheritance and some smart investing that he was able to quit teaching at the age of 45. Reggie sold his home and most of his assets, aside from his 1990 Jeep YJ, and purchased 10 acres of land up north. There was a 50 year old log cabin on the property and 300ft was waterfront. Reggie spent most of his days fishing in his Old Town canoe, chopping wood, and playing guitar. He wasn’t interested in current events or society in general. The only time he even saw anyone other then his own reflection was when he drove into town to get some groceries and supplies.

Reggie was very fond of making his own wine and beer which kept him occupied for good chunks of the day. He documented everything sugar levels, carbonation levels, and temperatures so that he could perfect the art of making wine and beer. One day after spending most of his time in a separate building he liked to call “the lab” he stepped out of the doorway to go back to the main cottage to find himself face to face with a black bear. This wasn’t the first time Reggie had encountered a bear, but it was the first time he had ever been that close and completely caught off guard. Reggie stopped in his tracks. The bear stared him right in the eyes and then stood up on its hind legs showing its dominance. Reggie looked from side to side to see if there was anyone or anything that could help him. There was nothing. He had two choices:

  1. Run for his life
  2. Play dead
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