Texas Hold’em Poker Sundays – Destiny’s Calling!

Many nights I have dreamed of being a professional poker player, being on national television at the final table and winning millions! This is the life that I want and why shouldn’t I be able to have it?

Week after week I see regular shmoes like myself winning these huge tournaments. So I’ve read some books and played poker online. I’ve actually found that I prefer limit texas hold’em in ring games rather then tournaments.

Sometime last summer I was playing and started with $100 which turned into $1000 by the end of the week! As my account went up so did the stakes I was playing for. Day after day I would win more and more with hardly any losing streaks. After 1 month my $100 was now $11,000! I was honestly starting to consider being a professional poker player. Then Black Saturday came along. Over a 6 hour period I lost $8,000. I couldn’t figure out how to stop the bleeding. I walked away from the computer and didn’t play for a week. In the end I was able to withdraw $4,000 before I lost it all.

I was telling some co-workers this story and they came up with the idea of giving me the money they would spend on the lottery and sports bets so that I can play poker and split the winnings with them. I had to pinch myself. People are going to give me money to play poker without any consequences and take a cut of the winnings! This must be fate.

I will be providing an update here on the Everyday Weekender every Sunday so that you can follow along to see how I’m progressing. I intend on playing twice a week, once during the week and once on the weekend. I will describe some of the big hands that I’ve played, provide some insight into player styles, and some online tips that may help you with your own poker game.

Hopefully my account balance will go up rather then down and I’ll be writing these articles for a while. Cross your fingers!

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