This Weekend in Sports (06-Apr-2007)

Major League Baseball

Well the boys of summer are back and this weekend we will be filled with games that essentially mean nothing with respect to the 162 game season, but are still fun to watch. You will find at the beginning of the baseball season many of the starting pitchers can’t go more then 6 innings and a lot of hitters that are tearing it up right now won’t even be remembered come October. However if you are a big MLB fan it is a great time of the year where all teams have a chance to win the World Series, like the Toronto Blue Jays, and optimism reigns supreme.

Here are some key match-ups this weekend:

Orioles vs. Yankees
Mets vs. Braves
Cardinals vs. Astros
Twins vs. White Sox
Athletics vs. Angels
Dodgers vs. Giants

PGA – The Masters

The Masters is on this weekend. 97 players are competing for the coveted Green Jacket at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. This has got to be the most anticipated and watched golf tournament of the year. People that have no idea what golf is about or who is even playing will enter in office pools for the Masters. This year, as is the case most years, everyone is picking Tiger Woods to win his 5th green jacket. Analysts aren’t even giving the others a shot at catching him. I heard one analyst say the only one that has a shot is Vijay Singh. Tiger’s American rival is Phil Mickelson and as of right now Phil has carded himself a 4 over 76. Not a very good start. Tiger Woods is at +1 right now and if this turns out to be like the other Master tournaments hanging around even par by Sunday will give him a shot at winning again. If you haven’t had a chance to watch golf in HD do so this weekend. Augusta is a gorgeous golf course and there will be tons of drama.


I really couldn’t go a week without mentioning hockey. Toronto is playing Montreal on Saturday which could determine who is in and who is out of the playoffs. I’ll be on the edge of my seat.

For our friend Ed Lau Vancouver has clinched a playoff spot, but still has to take care of some business with 3 games left to make sure Minnesota doesn’t steal the division lead from them. Most of the Western Conference is wrapped up except for 8th spot, but I don’t see Colorado taking that from Calgary.

See you next week and hopefully I’ll be talking about the Leafs opponent in the first round of playoffs.

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