This Weekend in Sports (22-June-2007)

With basketball, hockey, and football all in the offseason there is less and less to talk about for the weekend sports article in terms of North American sports. If any of the readers have any suggestions on some international sports going on right now I would be more then happy to hear from you.

NHL 2007 Entry Draft

Even though the NHL season has ended and it is officially summer there is always something hockey related in the news in Canada. This weekend is the NHL Draft, a very exciting time for many hockey fans hoping their team will draft the next Wayne Gretzky. One of the original six teams, the Chicago Blackhawks, have the number one draft pick this year…and they need it. Not since the days of Ed Belfour, Chris Chelios, and Tony Amonte have the Blackhawks been any good. I don’t know if there is a player in this years draft that will get Chicago into the playoffs, but they better pick wisely or they are never going to get out of the basement. Chicago will be followed by the Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes, Los Angles Kings, and Washington Capitols as the first five teams to draft in the first round.


Jason Giambi of the New York Yankees has agreed to meet with Senator George Mitchell to discuss his involvement with steroids and human growth hormones. Giambi admitted to using both drug enhancers during his career and has openly apologized. Giambi says that he is completely clean now. The main concern with this meeting would come from the rest of the players in baseball that aren’t as upfront about their “prescriptions” as Giambi. Even though Jason has said the meeting will only be to discuss his personal use and no one else’s I’m sure there will be a number of players none to pleased with Giambi’s cooperation. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this meeting and if the witch hunting will start again.

Arm Wrestling

The European Arm Wrestling Championship is taking place this weekend in Lycksele Sweden. A Russian competitor, Arsen Liliev, was attempting to move to a lower weight category, but couldn’t make the cut. So when it was time for the official weigh in Arsen sent an impostor that resembled him. The body double passed the weigh in inspection, but officials figured out the plan and disqualified Liliev.

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