Tips for Selecting a Campsite

The summer is here and for most of us that enjoy being outdoors that means it is time to clean out the tents and go camping! Ontario has some fantastic provincial parks and reserving a site is very easy using Ontario Parks Website.

There are three main things to consider when selecting a campsite, Privacy, Location, and Terrain. Here are some tips for selecting the best campsite available ensuring your weekend stay under the stars is all it should be.


Bigger the better

A bigger site means more space between you and your neighbours and in general the more privacy you have the better.

Select a site that isn’t surrounded by other sites

Similarly if you can select a site that is adjacent to two sites as opposed to 4 the more you will enjoy your stay

Avoid the main roads

Camping beside a main road severely detracts from the “getting away from it all” experience of camping. It’s often noisy and distracting. Stay away from main roads as much as you can.


Keep the bathrooms within walking distance, not smelling distance

Distance from bathrooms and site availability is a tricky issue when selecting a camp site. In general you want to be away from bathrooms because it is a high traffic area and the emanating smells aren’t too nice. However if you are with some female friends and they need to go to the little girls room in the middle of the night you will be happy that your site is not too far away.

Try to be close to the beach area

I often camp at the Pinery in Grand Bend, Ontario. It has a fantastic beach on Lake Huron. The Pinery is a large park with sites so far from the beach that you have to pack the car and drive there. That’s not what you want to do on your vacation. If you can be away from the high traffic route, but still close to the water you will be very happy with your selection


Avoid sites where the driveway slopes towards the centre of the site

Most times you will not know the slope of the site when you are reserving it, but if you do know the site from experience stay away from driveways that slope towards the main part of the site. If it rains while you are there all the water will flood your site and leave you hiding in your tent trying to stay dry.

Look for treed privacy and shade

After a long day in the sun by the water you will be relieved to know that your site has some shade from the trees. It isn’t much fun when you discover you have sun stroke and the only shade you can find is in your tent.

Grass and sand covered lots are best

Simply from a comfort standpoint on your feet and when sleeping, sand and grass lots are much more accommodating that gravel.

Consider these tips next time you are booking a campsite and you will be sure to enjoy every minute of your stay.

Happy Camping!

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