Vacation Hot Spots

Sometimes going to the cottage weekend after weekend seems a little more like a chore then a vacation. You have to make sure you get up there to cut the grass, cut down the tree that is dying, and fix the dock. All that fun awaits you after you fight traffic for 2 plus hours. Maybe this weekend you will take a real vacation. A hot spot for us Canadian’s is Orlando, Florida. A cheap flight to Orlando from Toronto only takes 3hrs, about the same amount of time to drive to the cottage. With fantastic sunny weather, great beaches, and Disney Land it’s a guaranteed fun vacation even if it is for just a couple of nights.

Another great spot to vacation is the Dominican Republic. Flights to Caribbean are so cheap that it is well worth paying for the all inclusive package and staying the week rather then paying for individual nights. In fact my wife and I were just married in Punta Cana, which was a great time, and it saved us a bundle of cash that we can now put towards building the cottage.

Perhaps traveling farther south and catching a flight to Brazil is more your type of vacation. Brazil is known for its skilled soccer players and always produces top volleyball teams. If you’re interested in beaches, small bikinis, and sports, Brazil is the place for you.

Get away this weekend. You deserve it!

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