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Looking for camping gear I came across a site called Wilderness Essentials. Unfortunately for me they are located in New York and do not ship outside of the United States. However I still had a look around because they’re layout is so simple. If you want to find camping chairs click on the picture of a camping chair. There have been a few things I’ve been looking for recently tents, boats, and cooking gear.

I was camping at Awenda provincial park and the day we were supposed to leave it rained, eventually the tent started to leak. Wilderness Essentials has a huge tent selection for all types of trips and people. I was impressed with their selection of 2-4 person tents such as the Backside T-5 tent. A slick looking tent that can handle any weather conditions in any locale. They also have a great selection of what they call Family/ Cabin Tents. These are very popular in my area and have replaced many of the hard shelled popup trailers people use to use.

Wilderness Essentials does not have any boats, but they do have inflatable kayak’s for family fun. When I was at Awenda we rented a canoe to paddle around on one of the lakes in the park. A family showed up on shore with an inflatable kayak. They got in, started paddling, and to my surprise they were gliding across the water easier then me in my canoe. I always thought that inflatable boats were mere toys, but I was wrong. This family was able to enjoy their day on the water paddling in their boat that could be deflated and packed away without having to tie anything to the top of their car. What a great product!

The selection of cooking products is most impressive. Wilderness Essentials has everything from spoons and forks to dutch ovens and roasters. Cooking with Camp Chef Keg Roasters would make you the king of the campsite! Imagine making a juicy beer can chicken or turkey to perfection while camping!

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