Beer Snob or Drunk? Take the Test!

Based on my Top 10 Beers article I have come across some criticism that I am a beer snob.

However some of my friends feel that I’m just full of BS and can’t really taste all that I say I can in each beer.

So we are going to have a taste test challenge to see if I’m really a beer snob, or just a drunk who likes to drink different beers.

Beers, lots of beers and a drunk

Step 1
Agree upon a type of beer. The beers have to be similar so that comparisons can be made. Red beers, Light Lagers, Honey beers, ect.

Step 2
Select 6 beers of the agreed type. Make sure to have a favourite beer and a most hated beer in the group.

Step 3
Pour the beers into opaque cups so that there is no visual difference in the beers. Remember this is a taste test.

Step 5
Number the cups and provide the tasters with a sheet of paper and pen or pencil

Step 6
Each taster must write down how they would rank the beer from 1-6, 1 being their favourite, and then name the beer.

I must admit I’ve done this once before and was completely shocked. I only got 2 out of 6, but did recognize my favourite beer of the group. We are going to do another taste test shortly with Red beers. I’ve been shooting my mouth off again and I intend on backing up my words this time!

Invite some beer drinking friends over this weekend and give the Beer Snob taste test a try. It’s a lot of fun and the best part is you get to drink beer!

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